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People with MS can improve their energy levels with short bursts of walking or cycling

Short bouts of moderate exercise – such as walking or steady cycling – can improve energy levels among people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), research suggests. Patients said they had an improved quality of life and suffered less fatigue after taking part in exercise sessions lasting just a few minutes at a time. In a 12-week programme, 60 patients undertook short periods of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in 18 supervised and 18 home-based exercise sessions. The sessions involved five three-minute bouts of exercise, with two minutes of rest in between each bout. As the study progressed, patients were encouraged to...

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Top Gear star backs book launch

Top Gear star Richard Hammond is backing a book launch in a bid to help youngsters better understand brain injuries and their hidden effects.   The BBC presenter suffered a serious brain injury himself when he was involved in a high speed car crash. Brain injury has also featured heavily in the news agenda after retired Formula One driver Michael Schumacher was involved in a skiing accident in recent weeks. Richard said he is proud to lend his support to the publications, which are now available to order and he has also made an exclusive audio-book to accompany one of...

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Georgia’s disabled ‘locked in a box’

Georgia has become one of the first ex-Soviet republics to abolish state orphanages in favour of foster care. But disabled children continue to be marginalised and face the prospect of life-long isolation from society. Vano (not his real name) is 18. He lies curled in the foetal position in his bed. He is thin and has the body of a 10-year old. The only sign to show that he is alive is the grating sound he makes with his teeth. “This is his life. This is all he does,” says Eric Mathews, a researcher from the Washington-based group, Disability...

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Dozens of former New York police and firemen in 9/11 disability fraud

Dozens of US former emergency service workers have been arrested in a sweeping fraud investigation involving federal disability benefits, New York authorities say.  Prosecutors say 72 police officers, eight firefighters and five corrections officers are among those charged. Some reportedly falsely claimed disabling conditions arising from the 11 September 2001 attacks. The fraud is believed to have cost hundreds of millions of dollars. “The brazenness is shocking,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said on Tuesday. “Many participants cynically manufactured claims of mental illness as a result of September 11, dishonouring the first responders who did serve their city at...

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‘I got accepted!’ Watch the heart-melting moment a Down syndrome student finds out he is going to college

Getting accepted to college is a big moment in anyone’s life but for Rion Holcombe, who has Down syndrome, it is a day he will never forget.  The 20-year-old from South Carolina was filmed by his parents as he opened a letter from Clemson University. After carefully reading the letter he looks ecstatic as he turns to the camera and says, with a huge smile: ‘I got accepted.’ The sports-mad youngster will join the two-year Life program at Clemson next fall, where he will experience college life while furthering his education and learning to be independent. As a student...

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