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Sports Personality: Team award for GB Olympic and Paralympic stars

Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic squads have been named the team of the year at the BBC Sports Personality show after a record medal haul at London 2012.  The joint honour followed a memorable sporting summer which set new landmarks and saw the country celebrate a range of stirring triumphs. Team GB won 65 medals, including 29 golds, while the Paralympians added 34 titles from a total of 120 medals. Both squads finished third in the medal tables at their home Games. Sir Roger Bannister, the first athlete to break the four-minute barrier for the mile, presented the award to...

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Mind over matter helps paralysed woman control robotic arm

A woman who is paralysed from the neck down has stunned doctors with her extraordinary skill at using a robotic arm that is controlled by her thoughts alone.  The 52-year-old patient, called Jan, lost the use of her limbs more than 10 years ago to a degenerative disease that damaged her spinal cord. The disruption to her nervous system was the equivalent to having a broken neck. But in training sessions at Pittsburgh University, doctors found she quickly learned to make fluid movements with the brain-controlled robotic arm, reaching levels of performance never seen before. Doctors recruited the woman to test...

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Parents who look after grown-up disabled offspring face benefit cap

The government’s proposed benefit cap will apply to carers looking after their disabled offspring, forcing some parents to move out of their home or put their child into care, it has been confirmed.  Ministers have repeatedly said disabled people will be exempt from the £500-a-week benefit cap that is due to come into force in April. But they have now accepted that if a parent is still looking after a disabled child after they reach adulthood, even if the child’s mental age is as low as eight, the parent and the child will be treated separately, and the parent will be...

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Scandal of prisoners paid £20million in benefits by mistake: Blunder is exposed 18 YEARS after Ministers pledged to close loophole

Prisoners have wrongly been paid tens of millions in benefits they are not entitled to while behind bars, The Mail on Sunday has discovered.  A loophole meant they were able to go on claiming income support and housing benefit while in jail, providing some with a small fortune on their release.  Criminals have been able to get away with the fraud for nearly two decades because benefit officials had no central list telling them who was in prison. Tory backbencher Philip Davies said last night the situation was an ‘absolute scandal’ and ‘so ludicrous it beggars belief’. Figures obtained...

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Disabled man takes government to court over benefit test

A disabled man who was incorrectly found fit for work under the government’s disability benefit assessment is launching a legal action against the government and Atos, the private company performing the tests. Patrick Lynch, a former social care worker who was forced to stop work because of a condition affecting his brain, is seeking a judicial review of the controversial “work capability assessment”. More than 11,000 disabled people a week are taking the tests, which involve interviews with Atos doctors and nurses to identify those who can work. Charities and disabled groups say the assessment is “not fit for purpose”, with...

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