Saturday , 25 March 2017
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Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Study points to new genetic risks for autism

A massive international study has started to unpick the “fine details” of why some people develop autism, researchers have said. They looked at thousands of DNA samples from children with autism and their parents. The results, in the journal Nature, linked 33 genes to the condition with many involved in brain development. The National Autistic Society said we were still ... Read More »

Sainsbury’s to introduce hundreds of new shopping trolleys developed with parents of disabled children

Sainsbury’s has responded to calls from parents with disabled children for a more secure shopping trolley and, after months of testing a prototype with parents and children, the retailer has announced that they will begin introducing nearly 600 of the new trolleys to supermarket stores across the UK from 15 September. The new trolleys are fitted with a special padded ... Read More »

Disney: Our policies don’t violate disability law

Disney is calling for the dismissal of a federal lawsuit brought by families of autistic children who are challenging its theme parks’ policies. In April, 16 undisclosed families sued Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, saying the theme parks’ practices violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, because they fail to adequately accommodate visitors with autism. Disney submitted its response last week ... Read More »

Autism Awareness Day: ‘My autistic son isn’t invisible, you know’

“He doesn’t seem too bad.” How many times have I heard those words? Usually they are spoken by strangers who have met my son for the first time and learnt that he is autistic. Usually they are based on their first impression of this bright eyed, apparently “normal” child. Usually they are quite far wide of the mark in their ... Read More »

Autism ‘begins long before birth’

Scientists say they have new evidence that autism begins in the womb.  Patchy changes in the developing brain long before birth may cause symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), research suggests. Read More »

The Fish Police: punk, autism and breaking down boundaries

Next month, a band called the Fish Police will be getting in a van and embarking on an eight day UK tour. This, in itself is nothing new and it’s likely that you might be asking yourself, “why should I care?” Read More »

Principal resigns after emailing fellow teacher’s video mocking autistic boy, 11, with his head stuck in a chair to other staff

An elementary school teacher has come under fire for filming and taunting an autistic boy who became stuck in a chair rather than helping him. Nicole McVey reached for her cell phone when the 11-year-old boy, who has Asperger’s syndrome, became caught through a chair at Oaktree Elementary School in Goodrich, Michigan last November. Read More »