Friday , 28 April 2017
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Q&A: Disability benefits and you

Changes to disability benefits have come into force in some parts of the UK – marking the latest in a series of alterations to the welfare system. Read More »

Disability Living Allowance replaced by PIP scheme

Major changes to disability benefits for new claimants are being introduced in the north of England. It is the start of the replacement of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) by Personal Independence Payments (PIP). Read More »

The DLA is what made me able to work – what will I do without it?

I had always been a bit wary about claiming disability living allowance (DLA). But aged 31, after being prompted by various people, I finally applied.  Perhaps there was a part of me that didn’t want to be disabled enough to get a benefit, despite the fact I have a life-long neurological condition. Read More »

Atos assessment

Your article (Thousands could be left penniless, Society, 3 April) wrongly assumes that successful appeals are a measure of the quality of AtosHealthcare assessments. A recent National Audit Office report made clear that there were dangers in this assumption. Recently published data Read More »

This is how people on out-of-work benefits actually feel

The voices of, and experiences of, those directly affected by the swath of welfare changes being introduced this month need to be placed centre stage. As part of ongoing research, I have tracked a small group Read More »

The most toxic issue facing those with mental health problems is stigma

Stigma and discrimination can greatly exacerbate the difficulties faced by people with mental health problems. We know that; we’ve heard it repeatedly; many of us have experienced it. We know that stigma is not just a word but a toxic concoction of ignorance and fear, of prejudice and power play, that continues to have a real and substantial impact Read More »

Social care cap will mean a transformation for councils

The shortcomings of the government’s proposals for a cap of £75,000 (or £72,000 as is now being suggested) on individual liabilities for long-term care funding have been much discussed. Some of the practical implications of how the cap would operate need also to be explored. Read More »

Budget 2013: What does it mean for you?

Chancellor George Osborne said his Budget would be “for people who work hard and aspire to get on”.  He predicted that this year, the economy would avoid slipping back into recession.  And he said that more people would be in work then ever before, and that the number of people claiming unemployment benefit would fall.  A variety of forthcoming tax ... Read More »

Disability in the workplace: ‘we’re not rain man’

Penny Andrews has recently been employed as a graduate trainee librarian at Leeds Metropolitan University. She beat over 200 people to her post, despite having Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia and cerebral palsy. Andrews’ employers have more provision for disabilities than most, but she feels that her circumstances should not be the exception, saying there is an undiscovered workforce out there, with ... Read More »

PIP – the new disability benefit – must be urgently reviewed

Many people with significant mobility difficulties will lose their independence under the personal independence payment. After more than two years of discussion, consultation and campaigning, regulations replacing disability living allowance (DLA) with personal independence payment (PIP) were passed into law on 5 February. Implementation will be phased from this year until early 2018. Read More »

A wheelchair-user’s guide to picking a university

There are plenty of points students consider when picking a university, from the cost of living to the quality of the courses on offer. But it’s fair to say that steps outside lecture buildings, the effectiveness of the disabilityoffice or the presence of cobbled streets won’t be at the top of most students’ priority lists. Read More »