Thursday , 30 March 2017
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Life, Lyrics and Leiomyosarcoma

I am very lucky to have a broad number of friends. One of these brave (and hilarious) friends is Ryan McCartney. Ryan is the vocalist and guitarist of the up and coming band These Little Kings, who are rapidly gaining popularity slinking around the buzzing Glasgow music scene. He was kind enough to tell me the story of his fiery ... Read More »


In anticipation for an article I am writing in the next issue, here’s my Sensory Selfie. People all over the world live with a sensory processing issue. Sensory selfies are a way to spread awareness on social media some of the difficulties people face every day with senses such as sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, movement, balance and body awareness. ... Read More »

PosAbility Gets Involved with Scope’s A – Z of sex and disability

As part of their End the Awkward campaign, Scope have been producing an A – Z of sex and disability. Each letter has been designed into a naughty icon and clicking on these letters will reveal real-life experiences of love and sex with a disability. It has been a great way to dispel myths and address sexual issues openly and frankly ... Read More »

Always Keep A Cactus

 It is a common office knowledge that I love my budding, little cactus garden.  Not a renowned gardener, I settled on cacti because I know that they are nigh indestructible. No chance I could accidentally murder one of those. They grow in almost all environments and thrive on a mouthful of water every two weeks. However, my cactus sanctuary has ... Read More »

Exhibition Time

We spent Wednesday and Thursday this week at Independent Living Scotland at the SECC in Glasgow. The exhibition was designed to bring people with disabilities and professionals in the industry together under one roof. We had a great show and met so many wonderful readers of the magazine. It is always great to hear that people are enjoying the magazine ... Read More »

Simple things

I came across this fantastic, incredibly simple card this week, that has been designed to aid people living with dementia. The Dementia Assistance Card provides a simple way for people with dementia to ask for help in shops, restaurants or on transport and it is so simple to create. Simply visit, fill in your details and it will generate a card ... Read More »

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Last week we took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We managed to raise £135 – not bad for a small office of only seven people! We invited the other offices based in the same building and were really pleased that so many of them came to join us in eating cake and ... Read More »

Sign of the Times

This month, the Scottish Parliament passed a bill which will drastically enhance the lives of more than 12,500 people in Scotland. The video below shows the emotional scenes in the Holyrood debating chamber as Labour MSP Mark Griffin’s British Sign Language (BSL) Bill received the backing of all political parties in a move welcomed by deaf campaigners.     The ... Read More »

A blog to read… Then re-read

 Being relatively new to the PosAbility team, I am always keen to take on new and varied topics of discussion. For the forthcoming issue of the magazine I was charged with writing an article about adoption. Before writing the article I always try an do the utmost research I can. It was through this thorough process that I came across ... Read More »

Lucky Coin for Crohnie Clothing launch

My friend Jennifer has a huge passion for fashion, and after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, she had an ileostomy last year. Whilst she may have lost a part of her intestines she was not willing to lose her style and began to run a fashion blog, dedicated to fantastic tips on how to style your outfit around an ostomy ... Read More »