Saturday , 29 April 2017
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Synthetic kidneys work in animals

 Scientists say they are a step closer to growing fully functioning replacement kidneys, after promising results in animals. When transplanted into pigs and rats, the kidneys worked, passing urine just like natural ones. Getting the urine out has been a problem for earlier prototypes, causing them to balloon under the pressure. The Japanese team got round this by growing extra ... Read More »

Ottobock introduces 4th generation of world’s first fully computer controlled prosthetic knee

 Ottobock, a world leading supplier of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility, has launched C-Leg 4, the fourth generation of the worlds first completely microprocessor controlled leg prosthesis. Since its inception in 1997, C-Leg has set the standard for microprocessor knees and every iteration since has continually improved the functionality and benefits for the user. Over 60,000 people have ... Read More »

Robots to help elderly

 Bristol Robotics Laboratory, one of the world’s leading centres for robotics, has opened a “living lab,” a replica apartment to test assistive robots designed to help elderly people live more independently. The UK facility is the latest to fabricate a home environment to develop and evaluate new robotics solutions, but it’s not the first. “Participatory design with the people and ... Read More »

Model with bionic arm calls for the fashion industry to start ‘celebrating uniqueness’ as she prepares to walk the runway at NYFW

Following from the success of last years New York Fashion Week, which saw models with a variety of disabilities take part, model Rebekah Marine will walk the runway at the FTL Moda show on September 13, sporting her state of the art prosthetic. Rebekah, 28 from New Jersey will be sporting her new i-limb quantum prosthetic hand, which was made ... Read More »

Irwin Mitchell Sign Commercial Partnership with UK Team Competing at Cybathlon 2016

 National Law Firm, Irwin Mitchell, has recently agreed to become the ‘Commercial Sponsor’ for a UK based team competing at Cybathlon 2016: the World’s first competitive championships for Robotic and Technology assisted paralysed athletes. Team Gray Matter approached the law firm’s head office in Sheffield with a view to obtaining sponsorship, for Peter Gray, a 31-year-old man from Doncaster, who ... Read More »

World’s most advanced prosthetic leg helps amputee find his feet

Graham Smith’s new Genium X3 bionic leg allows him to get back on his bike… and much, much more Graham Smith has spent over 10% of his life in hospital. He lost his leg in 2003 following a tragic motorbike accident and six weeks after he left hospital, he got straight back on his bike. “You should never let fear ... Read More »

hft awarded a Big Lottery Fund to make fire safety video

Hft, the learning disabilities charity, have been awarded a Big Lottery Fund to make a fire safety video aimed at and created by the people they support. The video will be a powerful learning tool for people with learning disabilities to give them the confidence to deal with an emergency situation and remain calm, in a way they can understand. ... Read More »

SpecialEffect: the charity making video games available for all

Lee is a lifelong gamer; he also has spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that causes progressive muscle weakness. When his condition meant that he was no longer physically able to play games, he became depressed – he felt like part of who he was had slipped away. Now, with a combination of a mouth-controlled joystick and a series of micro-switches ... Read More »

Kickstarter campaign begins for Acticheck Assure monitoring smartband

·         UK adults spend almost the equivalent of a working day1 on their own in a typical week ·         50-69 year olds and Londoners spend the most time on their own in the UK ·         World’s first continuously monitoring personal alert system seeks Kickstarter support to help people who feel vulnerable when on their own Brits are progressively spending more ... Read More »

Brotherwood® Carete: Connect With Excellence With New Ford Model

Brotherwood are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new model of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, based on the highly acclaimed new Ford Tourneo Connect, which brings a host of innovative and unique safety and comfort features to the disabled motoring sector. Arete is a Greek word meaning “Excellence of any kind”, and so the aptly named Brotherwood Carete offers ... Read More »

Soldier told he would never walk again can now run

A soldier told he would never walk again after being paralysed in a sniper attack has defied doctors by running – thanks to the UK’s first ‘bionic’ splints. Lance Corporal Jon Le Galloudec, 33, was blasted in the spine on a night time mission in Iraq. Doctors told him he was lucky to be alive but he was paralysed from ... Read More »

Paralysed man uses just the power of his mind to move his hand

A man who is paralysed from the neck down has become the first such patient to move his hand by the power of thought alone. Thanks to a chip implanted in his brain, Ian Burkhart ushered in what doctors are calling a ‘bionic age’ which could revolutionise treatment for the disabled. All he had to do was think intensely about ... Read More »