Thursday , 30 March 2017
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Ted 2014: Meeting the real bionic man

When dance teacher Adrianne Haslet-Davis danced on the Ted stage, she got a standing ovation.  It wasn’t the brilliance of the performance that got the audience on their feet but the fact that she was there at all.  It was the first time she had danced publicly since she lost part of her leg in the Boston bombings. Read More »

Bionic ears: let’s hear it for cochlear implants…

Sitting at the kitchen table rolling a ball of Play-Doh, Oliver Campbell is a picture of childhood contentment. At just under two years old he is experimenting with words and is happily peppering his creative endeavours with them. But inside Oliver’s head something Read More »

Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain

Doctors have devised a new way to treat amputees with phantom limb pain. Using computer-generated augmented reality, the patient can see and move a virtual arm controlled by their stump. Electric signals from the muscles in the amputated limb “talk” to the computer, allowing real-time movement. Read More »

Master monkey’s brain controls sedated ‘avatar’

The brain of one monkey has been used to control the movements of another, “avatar”, monkey, US scientists report. Brain scans read the master monkey’s mind and were used to electrically stimulate the avatar’s spinal cord, resulting in controlled movement. The team hope the method can be refined to allow paralysed people to regain control of their own body. Read More »

Bionic hand makes Super Bowl

It’s had almost three million views on YouTube, appeared in over 100 different news features from every continent, and headlined conferences throughout the world. Now, bebionic3, the Yorkshire-made myo-electric prosthetic hand, has become a Super Bowl star Read More »

Top ten new independent living gadgets at Naidex National 2013

Naidex National, the UK’s largest event focused on disability, homecare and rehabilitation, takes place in just under two weeks and is once again the launch pad for many new gadgets and aids aimed at the independent living sector. Read More »

Pitney Bowes Building Solutions For A Diverse Workforce

In the business environment, forward-thinking companies have, for some years, recognised the importance of a diverse workforce and an inclusive approach to employment.  But, often through no fault of the company itself, knowledge gaps emerge due to a lack of real insight into the challenges faced by disabled people in the workplace. Read More »

Stannah and Horizon MDs Join New Expert Panel

The managing directors of two of the UK’s leading mobility equipment providers have joined a new expert panel, aiming to offer advice and support to individuals with mobility equipment quandaries. Read More »

Google Removing Hateful References To Autism

Responding to complaints, Google is taking steps to ensure that suggestions from its search engine do not include hateful ideas about those with the developmental disorder. Read More »