Wednesday , 26 April 2017
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Silly stuff. It matters – We couldn’t agree more

Mobile phone company, Three, launched their new advertising campaign on Friday and Socks, the moonwalking Shetland pony that stars in the ad, has become an internet sensation racking up over 2 million views so far! This advert is a simple reminder that we should not always take life too seriously, so why not sit back and let the Moonwalking Pony ... Read More »

Samsung struggles to block iPhone function for blind people

Samsung has suffered a setback in its effort to win an iPhone ban based on a function making its software accessible to blind people. The South Korean firm had sought an injunction in a German court arguing Apple’s VoiceOver screen-access facility infringed one of its patents. Read More »

Stem cell ‘first aid’ for rat stroke

Stem cells given in the vital period immediately after a stroke may aid recovery, suggest researchers. Rats injected with stem cells 30 minutes after a stroke had almost normal brain function restored within a fortnight. The Bolivian research team say the method has potential in human trials. Read More »

‘FIFA 13’ is AbleGamer’s Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

The fight for equality continues to rage on, but no more so than in the frontiers of virtual worlds. These are priceless environments where a man who can’t hear can be a rock star, a woman who can’t see can fly a spaceship and a child who can’t move a muscle can be a world class athlete. Yes, these things ... Read More »

Device helps children with disabilities access tablets

Imagine not being able to touch a touch-screen device. Tablets and smartphones—with all their educational, entertaining and social benefits—would be useless. Researchers at Georgia Tech are trying to open the world of tablets to children whose limited mobility makes it difficult for them to perform the common pinch and swipe gestures required to control the devices. Ayanna Howard, professor of ... Read More »

Concern over ‘souped up’ human race

A race of humans who can work without tiring and recall every conversation they’ve ever had may sound like science fiction, but experts say the research field of human enhancement is moving so fast that such concepts are a tangible reality that we must prepare for. Read More »

Hands Free Suitcase Developed To Follow You Around Airport

This revolutionary suitcase has been developed to follow it’s owner, via a mobile phone signal, wherever they go. Initially coming across this new technology I was excited, what a wonderful product to help people with disabilities when they are shopping or travelling, your case will simply just follow you wherever you go. Read More »

Father who lost arm in train accident at 13 becomes first in UK to be fitted with bionic hand

A man has become the first in the UK to be fitted with a bionic hand on the NHS after losing his arm in a train accident.  Mike Swainger, from Hull, was just 13 when he lost his right arm and leg in a horrific accident in 1992 when he was hit by a train while playing with friends.  After ... Read More »

New Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Mobile Devices

The market for telecommunication devices is a reaching full saturation point with limited markets still open to opportunities. A study by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ict) disclosed that there is a great interest in the untapped market of disabled mobile users. The hope is this will drive more companies to start creating devices and ... Read More »

New iPhone 5 release date, news and features

Although widely expected, there was no iPhone 5 in 2011, though the company did announce the iPhone 4S. So it was surely high time for a total revision of the iPhone, and with an Apple event taking place today, 12 September, we were expecting to see the iPhone 5 break cover.  techradar Read More »