Thursday , 30 March 2017
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Cerebral Palsy

Wheelchair user carried out of bar by bouncers who said he could only stay if he stood up

These shocking images shows the moment a wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy sufferer was carried out of a bar by bouncers who said he could only stay if he stood up. Troy Hitchins, 20, had gone to the pub with his friends on Saturday night, but was told he could only stay in the upstairs bar if he could get out of ... Read More »

Charities aim to get learning-disabled children playing

Parents of disabled children say finding fun things for them to do is a full-time job. Could a new TripAdvisor-style site solve this? “We went as a family to a water park which has a warning hooter which goes off to let you know the wave machine is about to start,” says Alexa Wilson. It wouldn’t cause problems for most ... Read More »

Nathan overcomes cerebral palsy to become Britain’s first wheelchair referee

A teenager with cerebral palsy has become Britain’s first wheelchair referee. Nathan Mattick, 19, said he feared a hard time from players and managers but has had no problems. He takes charge of able-bodied and disabled players from his electric wheelchair and said: “People with disabilities can do what able-bodied people do. “You occasionally get nasty words but you get ... Read More »

Harrogate Odeon cinema apologises to 12-year-old boy

A cinema has apologised after a 12-year-old wheelchair user was unable to watch the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. Joseph France, who has cerebral palsy, wanted to see the film at the Odeon, Harrogate, but it was on a screen that did not have disabled access. He said: “Why would they show a film about disability and put ... Read More »

Man wants apology from movie chain that denied his popcorn request

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. ─ A man who says the St. Catharines, Ont., movie theatre failed to accommodate his disability is looking for an apology. Jason Santry said he was denied a large bag for his medium-sized popcorn prior to taking in Mark Wahlberg’s latest flick, The Gambler, at Landmark Cinemas on Friday night. Santry, 45, asked for a larger bag ... Read More »

Kickstarter campaign for inclusive cutlery

A Scottish design team is currently seeking funding for the production of a new spoon, which they hope will transform meal times for people with shaky hands. The S-up Spoon was developed by Glasgow-based consultancy 4c Design with the help of Grant Douglas who has cerebral palsy. The spoon head has a deeper cavity to hold contents more securely and ... Read More »

Josef Craig: Classification switch was tough for Paralympic champ

Paralympic swimming champion Josef Craig says a change in classification has been tough but he is pleased with three bronzes in the new class at the European Championships in Eindhoven. Craig, 17, was reassessed before the European trials and moved from S7 to S8, despite an appeal. Previously he picked up gold in the S7 class 400m freestyle at London ... Read More »

Disability and the Japanese art of mastering chopsticks

In Japan, chopsticks are a cultural instrument, universally used and understood for the role they play. But for disabled people who may have limited movement in their hands, or missing fingers, they can be tricky to use. In the UK, using chopsticks badly might be met with laughter from friends and a bashful grab for a spoon. But in Japan, ... Read More »

Mother’s fury as son, 5, is denied op for ‘funding reasons’

A mother has hit out at the NHS for funding ‘boob jobs for fame-hungry glamour models’ while refusing to pay for surgery to help her disabled son walk. Kirsty Harrington, 23, was astounded when she was told hospitals did not ‘routinely fund’ the type of surgery that could radically transform the life of her son Hayden. The five-year-old has a ... Read More »

Stephen Steals Variety’s Heart

The North East is set to honour one of its most commended athletes for his ambition, dedication and charitable nature, in an event hosted by an organisation with which he holds a close bond. Stephen Miller, one of the regions most decorated athletes and three time gold medallist, gears up to receive the Silver Heart Award for his inspirational life-story ... Read More »