senseNational deafblind charity, Sense has responded to the Care Act which came into force yesterday.

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive, at Sense said:

“We welcome the implementation of the Care Act; it’s a bold attempt to reform social care with the promotion of wellbeing at its core.

“We are pleased that the Department of Health has listened to the concerns of people who are deafblind and incorporated a number of positive changes into the Care Act.

“For example, the guidance on how to ensure deafblind people’s needs are properly assessed has been strengthened and much improved.

“Local authorities also now have a legal duty to provide information and advice in a range of accessible formats and methods to meet deafblind people’s complex and specialist needs.

“However, we would urge whoever forms the next government to commit to properly investing in social care. Without more funding the Care Act will fail to meet its objectives and many disabled and older people will continue to fall victim to the rationing of care, leaving them at risk of missing out on the vital support they need to lead active lives and be part of the community. “

For further information on the Care Act and what it means for deafblind people and those working with deafblind people, you can visit the Sense website and download the Sense guide to implementing the Care Act.