Wednesday , 26 April 2017
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Deafness and Hearing Loss

See Hear: Are deaf people being let down in hospitals?

Deaf people have been going on record about difficult experiences they’ve had in hospitals due to lack of sign language interpreters. See Hear looks at three cases where this trauma could have been avoided had sign language interpreters, or other communication support, been provided. Read More »

Deaf woman is overcome by emotion as she HEARS for the first time

They are seven simple words we all take for granted.  But as Joanne Milne heard her doctor recite the days of the week, she was overwhelmed with emotion, fighting back tears and gasping to catch her breath.  Until that moment the 40-year-old’s world had been silent. Read More »

Italian hand gestures trump deaf sign language

In Italy, the local sign language for deaf people isn’t legally recognised. But the well-known, expressive hand gestures have their own dictionary and wider appeal, to the frustration of deaf people. Read More »

Bionic ears: let’s hear it for cochlear implants…

Sitting at the kitchen table rolling a ball of Play-Doh, Oliver Campbell is a picture of childhood contentment. At just under two years old he is experimenting with words and is happily peppering his creative endeavours with them. But inside Oliver’s head something Read More »