Cycling-adventure-capeA mixed group of enthusiastic amateurs and more experienced cyclists will be exploring the beautiful rolling hills and verdant scenery of Wales in April when they tackle the Holyhead to Mumbles Challenge from 11th – 15th April.

Among the group will be several amputees, including highly experienced Margaret Biggs (a former paralympic cyclist) and Wyn Jenkins, both Ambassadors of The Douglas Bader Foundation.  They organize the cycling clinics at the annual LimbPower Amputee and Junior Games and will be making this ride a little more challenging by riding a Tandem the whole way! “We decided to organize this ride to raise awareness and funds for our charity (The DBF) but we’re also keen supporters of LimbPower and thought it would be great to invite our amputee cycling friends to join us. It’s going to be a fun four days without any urgency or deadlines. We will be supported by 20 members of my able-bodied cycling club (CMC), together with others from Margaret’s club – Southport Cycling Club. It sends a powerful message to other amputees that this is an activity that is very inclusive.  In my club, we already have three lower limb amputees who have joined since we started the club just over a year ago – our club members are very supportive” commented Wyn.

Also tackling the 200 mile route will be Gemma Trotter, an above-knee amputee and another great LimbPower supporter and veteran of our cycling challenges, having completely the London to Paris ride with us a little over a year ago.  Gemma said “This is going to be a great ride, with the emphasis on having fun.  No day will be more than 50 miles and with such a great bunch of people there are bound to be a lot of laughs along the way.  If I can combine a great cycling weekend with raising some money for LimbPower then everyone’s a winner!”.

Although the group is self-organised and self-funded, there will be two support vehicles with the technical back-up and know-how of Peter and Sandra Jones of County Cycles. They will have a range of spares, tubes and tyres that should sort out most typical problems.  The ride has also been subject to a pre-event recce and risk assessment by the organisers of the Merlin Ride, so participants can relax in the knowledge that they are in good hands.

Kiera Roche, Chairman of LimbPower said: “This ride will be great fun, with beautiful scenery and a great group of people.  I wish I could be there to take part myself, but I will be running the London Marathon the following weekend and can’t afford to interrupt my training regime for that.  I’m sure they are going to have a lot of fun.”

There is room available for anyone interested in joining this ride and more information is available from contact Kiera at