Sunday , 30 April 2017
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The biggest Big Build yet

Santander Consumer Finance handed over the keys to two renovated bungalows, for students with complex needs, at Young Epilepsy on Friday 10 June. The Big Build is a Corporate Social Responsibility project set up by Santander Consumer Finance staff to give something back to the local community in a way that would provide lasting support and benefits. Every year the ... Read More »

CHANGES Disability Counselling Therapy

When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I was handed a leaflet and told that the answers to any questions I might have would be found in it. Walking away I wondered how medical staff could be so cold-hearted. My lack of knowledge about my condition caused me so much stress that I fell into a world of depression and had ... Read More »

Understanding Epilepsy

There are 65 million people across the globe living with epilepsy today. Here in the UK one in every 103 people has the condition, but for something that is so common, there is a lack of understanding about what epilepsy is and how it can affect people. Read More »