British Association Of Prosthetists & Orthotists annual conference is back for 2018. The clinical programme has had a shake up with the introduction of practical workshops and innovation seminars running alongside the usual clinical programme. Event highlights below;

  • Vicky Balch together with her Prosthetist Ian Talbot on rehab post Alton Towers accident
  • “The Last Leg” presenter Alex Brooker, discussing life as a celebrity and bringing disability to the forefront in the media.
  • Dr Norbert Kang and fellow Prosthetist Matthew Hughes, Moose Baxter and Alice Hannah on “Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR): a practical guide to patient selection and potential benefits,” and referrals for NHS surgery and subsequent advanced upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation in the UK”.
  • OETT speaker Dr David Armstrong will present live from Los Angeles on “The Diabetic Foot in Remission: Strategies to make prevention pay”
  • Jon Graham established Neuro Physiotherapist on “A unified approach to the management of foot drop and more complex gait disorders”
  • Simon Dickinson presenting on “Why prescribe a rigid AFO unless you have to? Challenging the fundamental design of AFOs.

For further speakers and programme details visit the conference page at