TKMC103H_56705_1001.649024Kevin Connolly was born in Montana, USA in 1985 without legs. He has always had to adapt to the world around him and now he mainly uses a skateboard to get around. He has recently made a series for the Travel Channel which called Armed and Ready, which sees him trying out some extreme and exciting experiences, from cliff diving to jousting. 

Armed and Ready

Training with the elite US Army Rangers would be more than a challenge for anyone but as Kevin Connolly was born without legs his feats of endurance are even more impressive. Driven on by huge self-determination, Kevin takes on any number of daunting challenges; recruiting the help of engineers and scientists to create new rigs to enable him to travel anywhere. Whether scaling massive trees with skilled lumberjacks in the Smoky Mountains or cliff diving 40 feet into the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Kevin is always first in line for adventure. Kevin also gets the opportunity to fulfil a boyhood dream by undertaking astronaut training at the NASA where he experiences a zero gravity flight aboard a special jet on the edge of space. Whatever he encounters, Kevin is always Armed and Ready.

Armed & Ready airs Monday nights at 21:00 on Travel Channel, Sky251.

A full interview with Kevin Connolly will feature in the June/July issue of PosAbility Magazine.