Richard Pitman CEO of Compass Disability Services recently met with an organisation from China who carries out similar work to that of his own organisation.

Compass Disability Services are a local user led organisation that provides consultation and independent living services to disabled people across many local authorities, they are also recognised nationally for their forward thinking and business-like approach to charity based services.

Richard was invited by The Cultural Exchange, another Somerset based business to London to meet 34 members of a delegation from HeiLong Jiang Province Welfare Foundation For Disabled Persons who were visiting the UK as part of the Paralympic Games and were keen to establish partnership relations with a UK based charity who have the potential to support them in their future development.

Richard said “It was a very interesting meeting and the first translated one I have done, China is obviously someway behind us in this area but are obviously trying to address the human rights agenda, in particular where disabled people are concerned. Hopefully this partnership can develop further and we may even be able to deliver our services in China in the future”.

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