Thursday , 27 April 2017
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The Guessing Game When Your Child Is Non-Verbal

By Laura Rutherford Mother. Blogger. Campaigner The realisation of how valuable speech is has been brought home to me in a new way recently as our nearly two year old daughter, Sydney, is a complete chatterbox. “Drink“ she proclaims. “Sore“ she says when she hurts herself. And then I hear her trying to sing along to things in the back ... Read More »

The forgotten minority | Disabled people matter

By Shona Louise This is a post that I’ve wanted to write for a long time, probably for about a year. There’s a reason to why I haven’t posted it until now, a bit of a cycle if you want. Event happens that forgets or discriminates against disabled people > I get annoyed and frustrated > go to write ... Read More »

A blog to read… Then re-read

 Being relatively new to the PosAbility team, I am always keen to take on new and varied topics of discussion. For the forthcoming issue of the magazine I was charged with writing an article about adoption. Before writing the article I always try an do the utmost research I can. It was through this thorough process that I came across ... Read More »