Warren Armstrong, a five-year-old boy from Manchester who has Moebius syndrome, confessed to his mother that he “hates” his face, and wants a new one.

Mum Jannine Atkinson took this heartbreaking moment as a wonderful opportunity to show her son that he was loved.

Warren is unable to move the left side of his face, has partial vision and syndactyly of the hands due to his rare syndrome.

A friend of Jannine’s came up with the idea: over Facebook, she appealed to the world to send her son Valentine’s Day cards to show that he is loved, and people love him just the way he is.

Warren was flooded with hundreds of cards from strangers all across the world.

Jannine told the Mirror: “It’s been amazing and every single one has made Warren smile. I can’t thank everyone enough.

“I just hope it gives him a confidence boost and shows him that he is amazing the way he is and doesn’t need a new face.

“As cheesy as it sounds it is what’s on the inside that counts, not what is on the outside.”

Watch the heartwarming video on Facebook.