The DWP have said that they will review all 1.6million claimants of the Personal Independent Payment (PIP).

This comes following a High court ruling that stated the changes to PIP were unfair to people living with mental health conditions. And the DWP has not contested this ruling.

The BBC has reported that the review could cost up to £3.7bn by 2023 and that an estimated 220,000 people are expected to receive a higher payment.

This is not the first time that the review process has come into question and while it is a positive step that further reviews will be happening, there must be a strong focus on getting this process right.

Sense Deputy CEO, Richard Kramer, said: 

“We welcome the change of heart by the government.  PIP exists to help the extra costs of disability.  We would like government to now seize the moment and use this opportunity to review the assessment process that oversees PIP. We want a system that promotes people’s dignity rather than overwhelming people with anxiety and worry for those that rely on this essential support.”