Martyn Sib

Martyn Sibley of Accessible Traveller 

On 6 April 2016 seasoned disabled traveller and entrepreneur Martyn Sibley launched Accessible Traveller, the world’s first one-stop-shop  for travelling with a disability that can make that trip you’ve always dreamed of a reality, with less hassle and investment than you ever thought possible. 

Accessible Traveller is the only newsletter exclusively for disabled people, that solves all your biggest challenges and hooks you up with everything you’ll need in one place, for less than the price of your weekly Starbucks.

Accessible Traveller will provide:

  • In-depth guides for popular travel destinations, including ‘experience of the month’. These guides will provide you will every little detail you’ll need to be able to travel and stay there with a disability.
  • Discounts on as many products and services as possible. We’ve arranged a deal with a leading insurance company who are willing to give all of our subscribers discounted rates.
  • Interviews with accessible travel experts and businesses, whether they’re holiday reps, equipment suppliers or just seasoned disabled travellers
  • Reviews of accessible products, including ‘product of the month’. Each product will be selected by us, if we believe if could make things easier, faster or cheaper for you on your next trip.
  • Inspirational stories, including ‘story of the month’. Inspirational and insightful stories will be told by other disabled people who’ve travelled the world like you intend to.
  • Accessible equipment guides and supplier directories. We will make sure you know exactly where to get what you need AND at a bargain price
  • And much more…

4Martyn Sibley of Accessible Traveller, said:

“Travelling with a disability can be extremely  difficult due to lack of information, low self confidence, financial restraints, barriers to transport and public buildings. The list goes on. These difficulties and indeed the solutions need to be shared”

“In less than a week we’ve got a rapidly growing group of customers and over a third have paid for a lifetime subscription – clearly, accessible travel is something the people want and we’re going to do everything we can to make it possible for them!”

For Sibley, this is a dream come true “it’s been my life’s mission to help disabled people.”

Accessible Traveller has teamed up with PosAbility Magazine to offer our readers an exclusive 50% discount to Accessible Traveller services. To find out more and to redeem, visit

Martyn Sibley is a disability campaigner, entrepreneur, and explorer. Co Founder of Disability Horizons, author of Everything is Possible (a memoir/how-to-guide on accessible travel), and global jet setter – he stands for social justice and progress of disabled people’s lives. Martyn can be contacted for comment or interview by phone on 07798 746551 and email at