A RABBIT who had her legs amputated after breaking her back has been given wheels to get around on.  Lionhead bunny Lily was paralysed from the back down so medics took off her legs to stop them from shrivelling.

Sanctuary staff then made her a custom set of wheels to give her back her mobility at the centre in northern Texas.

The aid is made from PVC pipe, a basic set of wheels and a harness – and now Lily does not like being out of her wheelchair.

Carer Kerry Stevens said: “We don’t know exactly what happened but she came to our rescue with a broken back right in the middle which paralysed her.

“We had to amputate or else her legs would have shrivelled due to lack of blood flow.

“She is very independent and loves her wheels so when we put her in the cart she’s off straight away and there is no stopping her; she’s a natural.

“We have had a lot of interesting comments — people are amazed because you don’t see rabbits in carts like this usually only bigger animals.

“Even without her wheels she has a lot of determination and loves to move — she’s a very special rabbit and her progress is outstanding.”