UK charity Designability are calling on volunteers to help them develop a baby carrier system for manual wheelchairs to allow parents to push their babies independently.

Too many parents who use wheelchairs are struggling to find a suitable solution to allow them to carry their babies safely and comfortably when out and about. Designability’s project is aiming to create a baby carrier that can be loaned out to parents and returned when no longer needed to be passed onto another family who require it. This will help parents practically as well as financially.

We recently spoke to Sally Darby, founder of disabled mums support group Mums Like Us, for the latest issue of PosAbility and she highlighted many of the challenges facing disabled parents today, commenting that “nothing is marketed to disabled parents, it’s just this whole world that no one seems to even accepts exists.”

If you want to help make a change and get involved with Designability’s project to give your input and help to shape a solution for parents who use manual wheelchairs visit

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