are dedicated to helping and protecting each customers against unexpected events by providing Carers and Personal Assistant Insurance to help them to live life confidently.

They believe in the crucial role carers play in our society and aim to protect them with the most suitable insurance cover for the risks they face within their workplace. Carers and Personal Assistant Insurance from covers against a claim in the event of accidental injury, damage to or loss of property, legal expenses and more.

Carer’s handle many situations on a daily basis, which can pose a risk to both carers themselves and also the person care is being provided for. have a range of insurance to suit all carers, including self-employed carers.  Covering a variety of circumstances from personal liability to legal expenses, each policy protects carers and the unpredictable nature of the role.

All policies are underwritten by SAGIC, The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, and have no hidden charges, and are interest free monthly payments.

Policies start from as little as £4.92 per month and are available in 3 levels of cover from bronze to gold, for the most comprehensive protection. Find out more and request a quote here.

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