Michelin Star Chef Aiden Byrne visited Birchwood based Brainwave to raise awareness as part of Disability Awareness Week.

Aiden is an avid supporter of the charity, which helps children in the UK with disabilities to achieve greater independence, which can be anything from helping a child walk or learn to ride a bike, recognise colours or even write their name.  The children have a range of conditions including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and rare genetic disorders.

Whilst working around the clock to launch a new fine dining experience in the City Centre last year – The Manchester House Restaurant, which featured in BBC Two Documentary ‘Restaurant Wars’, Aiden also chose Brainwave as his charity of the year, helping to raise over £8,000 to support the Birchwood Centre through The Church Green in Lymm (his gastro pub).

During his visit, Aiden took the opportunity to catch up with the Brainwave team who support children through bespoke therapy programmes that are tailor made to meet their needs. He also had a chance to meet the families of three young children attending on the day: 18-month-old Sophia Holnes, 2-year-old Eva Abbrell and 9-year-old Lilly Halam.

Aiden said: ‘Family is very important to me and my wife Sarah, as is our local community and the people within it. When we were looking for a charity to support, we knew we wanted something that had some association to all of those elements, and Brainwave was the perfect choice. It’s always an inspiration to visit Brainwave and see first-hand the great work they do.’

Brainwave Community Manager Joanne Freeman said: ‘On behalf of the families we support, I’d like to thank Aiden for all his hard work and generosity. His fundraising is making a huge difference to the children who visit our Birchwood Centre.’

Manchester Gazette