HMMIt is a sad fact that mobility scooter thefts and accidents are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence in the UK. This year, scooter numbers in Britain topped 300,000, up from only 70,000 five years ago; with such an exponential growth in popularity for the machines, there are bound to be problems.

All too often, when a scooter goes missing or is damaged, the owner is uninsured. What happens then is that they are left housebound, unable to make even the shortest trip to the shops or to a friend’s house without their scooter.

With this in mind, online mobility equipment resource Help My Mobility decided to launch a government petition to prevent such eventualities. The organisation’s director, Jason Tate, explained more;

“Mobility scooter insurance is a vital requirement for any user. Not having proper cover leaves hundreds of people miserable each year. That’s why this petition is so important,” he said.

“We recently launched a poll to gauge the public’s opinion on this, and found people to be overwhelmingly in favour of any moves that would protect scooter users and make insurance compulsory.”

To sign the petition and support the campaign, simply visit the official mobility insurance petition page.

Help My Mobility