Balderlogos.inddAfter losing significant shares of their domestic market in Norway, Etac has reluctantly decided to discontinue the sale of Etac and Balder powered wheelchairs in all of its markets, including the United Kingdom. In the UK, Etac’s powered wheelchairs have been sold through Etac UK Limited.

This discontinuation notice is only for new chairs and Etac wish to make it very clear that all of their customers expecting service in terms of warranty, regular servicing, sale of spare parts and repairs will continue to be supplied via Etac UK Ltd. It is only the sales of new chairs that is being discontinued, the Etac service department is remaining open for business as usual.

All customers should be assured that they will be able to contact Etac in the same way that they always have and that Etac will be maintaining these services and delivering the expected levels of commitment to all of their UK customer base via their service organisation. They will at all times do their utmost to fulfill what their customers and users expect of them.

Please direct any questions regarding the discontinuation of new power chair sales to Kieron Slocombe or Justin Clarke via Etac UK Ltd, based at 29 Murrell Green Business Park, London Road, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9GR. Tel: 01256 767181 E-mail: