Suzy and Charlotte will climb the O2 dome

Pictured left to right: Charlotte Louise Easton and Suzy Louise Ensor

Deafblind woman to scale the O2 to raise money for charity

  • Charlotte Louise Easton will climb the O2 arena with support from Suzy Louise Ensor, her Communicator Guide
  • Funds raised are to go to Sense, the national deafblind charity to help support children and adults with deafblindness 

A woman who is deafblind from Broxbourne is to scale the O2 to raise money for the deafblind charity Sense, who support and campaign for people with multisensory impairments.

Charlotte Louise Easton, 32 will climb the O2 with support from her Communicator Guide Suzy Louise Ensor, 43, in the hope of raising £500 for the charity. The pair have already raised £150 ahead of the challenge which is due to take place next Sunday.

Commenting on the climb, Suzy Louise Ensor said:

Charlotte blames me entirely!  We went on a day trip to Borough Market in London, last summer and took a riverboat trip to Greenwich where we saw a group of people climbing up the roof of the O2. Charlotte has always wanted to undertake a charity challenge and I mentioned climbing the O2. She was stunned when it was suggested but then agreed subject to whether the O2 would let a blind person do it. I don’t think she thought they would say yes no problem, but they did.”

 Charlotte was inspired to take on the challenge and raise funds for Sense after receiving support from the charity through its Communicator Guide and Holidays service.

To sponsor Charlotte and Suzy please visit: