A group of disabled friends from SW London have decided to pull their resources and talents together, and set up a live streaming/video production company. Afflicted with a variety of conditions from Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and a few others to boot, they plan to turn a few misconceptions on their heads, proving that people with disabilities are as abled and skilled as the general population, and more than capable of standing up and making a difference.

YES specialise in live streaming and video production and work across a number of sectors including charities, concerts and corporate video. Created by James Coke & Julien Lecoeur, the company aim to share their expertise and bring professional streaming to more companies, avoiding the costs of post production by live editing, allowing ownership at the end of any event. Coke said ‘It’s content marketing at its finest, taking your message directly to your audience and offers a slice of the future if you want to be seen & heard’.

Only 35% of disabled people are employed, compared to 87% of the able bodied population – it is a huge disparity considering that Disabled people make up over 20% (11m+) of the population.

James Coke comments on the above point:

“Society seems to have an eyes wide approach to the employment of disabled people. It offers a glossy lip service but in reality little substance. Ultimately it forces many to live in poverty with little hope of breaking out of it – we just refuse to have that on our watch.”

The company plan to take their services, which include a HD multi camera format, full mixing & editing facilities and even an auto cue for those who get tongue tied, to as wider audience as possible.

James Coke added:

“Besides of the fact we’re good at what we do, we’ve got a point to prove. All of us have worked in the Broadcast industry, but disability saw us forced out and marginalised. We all went on a walkabout finding ourselves, but now we’re back with some great ideas, a positive vibe and a vision that anything is possible in life, if you are prepared to fight for it.”

To contact YES (T) 07888 741 792 (W) www.youreventstream.com (E) james@youreventstream.com.