contact-a-familyContact a Family is involved in the launch of a new website designed to help UK employers promote disability awareness in the workplace.

Disability Matters is set up by a consortium of experts, led by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and including Contact a Family, and is funded by the Department of Health. The website will provide e-learning materials to help employees understand disability and adopt a positive attitude towards disabled people. The resources cover subjects such as hidden disabilities, mental capacity, bullying and communication.

Dr Karen Horridge, Clinical Lead for the Disability Matters Programme and fellow of the RCPCH, says:

“Disability Matters will help everyone to reflect on their own attitudes and to improve their communication and problem-solving skills around thechallenges and barriers that disabled people and their families face in their lives.

“There is so much that must and can be done. Positive, ‘can do’ attitudes can make the world of difference and cost nothing, so we now strongly encourage organisations, services and businesses to use these sessions to design additional training for their workforces and volunteers.”

How Contact a Family has been involved

Sheila Davies, our parent carer participation manager, talks about Contact a Family’s involvement in developing the site:

“We have been working with the National Network of Parent Carer forumsto get parent input on topics that should be covered on the site. We’ve been listening to parents’ experiences of accessing services and using them to identify the things professionals need to hear to avoid the problems that many families have faced.”

Sheila has authored one of the e-learning sessions, Transport Matters, which describes the barriers families face getting around and explains how professionals can help.

Visit the Disability Matters website.