james price

James Price, Founder of Access All Rooms 

The end of term is a time when many finishing university look forward to enjoying a gap year before they break in to a highflying career. James Price, Founder of Access All Rooms, helps to plan for the perfect accessible adventure.

Making the most of a year between education and working life is a perfect excuse to have some fun and explore the world. However, for those with accessibility requirements the thought of travelling can cause real anxiety. Unfortunately, suitable access facilities are often unavailable in hotels, making a simple getaway difficult or often impossible.

Despite common perceptions, there are endless possibilities for people with access requirements when it comes to travelling. James would recommend a visit to Paris for your first stop. The Hotel Arc de Triomphe Paris is full of adaptations that will make your stay easier and more pleasurable.

Germany is another country at the top of James’s list. If you know fun then you know Oktoberfest, the largest festival in the world where people unite to enjoy fantastic beer, amazing wine and the German culture. Germany has some fascinating history, including that of Martin Luther and Johannes Gutenberg, it’s definitely something worth thinking about.

Taking a short trip over to Italy is a great call, Italy is a place that will leave you with unforgettable memories in beautiful settings.  There’s a little bit of something for everyone, if you’re a history fanatic then obviously the Colosseum is crucial. If you’re interested in cars, then it’s every car enthusiast’s paradise, with the birthplace of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Abarth.

Heading further west, you’ll be missing out if you don’t spend some time in Mexico city. Somewhere famous for its neighbourhoods of Zona Rosa, there’s a real sense of life and movement throughout. For those with accessibility requirements, the wide pavements and flat grounds keep the terrain easy to negotiate.

Concluding words from James:

“I was left two-thirds paralysed after a diving accident in 1999. Since then, I have learnt to cope with the limitations and trials my disability throws at me, as well as what the disabled require and the best ways to get around. This is something I wish to share with anyone else that faces the same problems as myself, so that they too can live a life free of limitations.”

James Price is the Founder of Access All Rooms, which has one mission, to revolutionise the travel industry by implementing a hotel booking website that also provides information on wheelchair accessible hotels and hotels for disabled people. For more information about Access All Rooms please visit www.accessallrooms.com.