For those of us who don’t drink, Christmas and New Year can be a somewhat stressful time of year. Maybe you don’t drink because it triggers your Crohn’s or MS, it might be a religious or cultural reason, or maybe you just don’t like it! There are so many reasons not to drink, but the festive period can get a little bit boring if you’re just drinking orange juice the whole time. If you’re fancying changing it up, or if you have some non-drinking guests coming over to spend Christmas with you, here’s some fun alternatives to the usual “soda water and lime” you might be lucky to get year in, year out.

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Two drinks on a bar

We at PosAbility are a big fan of not leaving people out when it comes to crafting a beautiful mixed drink, so we’ve made sure to feature at least one non-alcoholic drink every time we recommend you a libation for the festive season. There are some absolutely beautiful non-alcoholic cocktail recipes out there that cater to every palate. For those who like a mixed drink, you can’t go wrong with a classic Roy Rogers; the Cinderella is a lovely long drink to serve alongside breakfast with mimosas and well worth the effort; while this cranberry and pomegranate punch will be an after-dinner Christmas hit.

Fancy Colas

Two bottles of Fritz-Kola on a table

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are great, but when your friends and family are breaking out the beer and champagne, it’s nice to have a bottle all of your own to crack open. In that case, why not provide a selection of alternatives for guests to enjoy? It’s a perfect way of making them feel like they’ve got their own special drink, and it’s just as likely that everyone else will be off the spirits when they have a whiff of what the non-drinkers are having. Fritz-Kola comes from a strong recommendation of Pos staff writer Katie, who fell madly in love with it on a holiday to Berlin; Fentimans botanical drinks are easily sourced at major UK supermarkets, and they have something for every palate; and Alba Cola is a brand new cola on the scene, made with Scottish water and flavoured with heather for an authentic taste of Scottish fizzy juice.

Alcohol-Free Drinks

Four glasses of bubbly drink on a table

Some people like the taste of beer or champagne, but they can’t drink alcohol. Not a problem – many major drinks brands are now selling their own low or no-alcohol versions of their famous drinks, and they’re actually quite easy to come by, being available in many major supermarkets across the UK. Some are even available in pubs, making a visit to the pub for non-drinkers so much less stressful and opening options up for everyone to enjoy a beer or cider from time to time. Kopparberg’s fantastic mixed fruit cider is available in a non-alcoholic variety that tastes almost exactly like its boozy brother and is easily (and cheaply!) found in supermarkets; Scottish beer punks Brewdog sell Nanny State in both can and bottle forms, a hoppy pale ale that they describe as a “near beer” thanks to its 0.5% ABV; those looking to toast in the New Year should look no further than Scavi and Ray Prosecco; while the spirit lovers will be happy to hear supermarkets have begun stocking Seedlip distilled drinks among many others.

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