Go Provence has been providing supported holidays for children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and intellectual disabilities since 2010.  They are an English company located in the famous Southern French region of Provence. They are based in a large country house, that can sleep up to 15 people, near a picturesque village called Moustiers Sainte-Marie. This village is set into the rocky hills of the French Prealps and is at the entrance to the sublime Verdon Gorge, the biggest canyon in Europe. With over 300 blue skies a year, this little corner of Provence provides a beautiful backdrop to any holiday and influences the types of holidays they offer. Themed holidays to choose from are wildlife photography, trekking, great adventure, world cooking, health awareness, music, historical buildings, water week and a best of Provence holiday.

Copy profile IanThey can support holidaymakers from Gatwick airport and back again, which is all included in the price. They provide a balanced menu, with an in-house cook, who makes all of the meals from scratch. The team comprises Ian and Neil, who started the project, and Jen, Hayley and Joelle, all British and all passionate about Provence and what they do.

Go Provence also has a great way to give carers/parents a holiday in this beautiful area too. They have a ‘carers house’ in a village called Rougon, 30 minutes away. Parents/carers can accompany their child or person they care for down there and have an independent holiday not far away, whilst the person they care for has a great holiday with Go Provence. This has worked well for families who have a person in their family who needs support and has never had a holiday on their own. Often the family needs a holiday too, so this can reduce anxiety for both parties in the knowledge that, if needed, they are only half an hour away from each other.

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These guys are amazing. They put their heart and soul into what they do, and make a huge difference to so many lives. Can’t recommend them highly enough”
Parent of a holidaymaker

“Keep up the good work, you guys are setting the standard in our book”
Richard Beard, Business Development Manager, My Support and Care Services.

“My brother has attended two of your holidays and always comes back with wonderful and fantastic stories of his epic adventures. Your set up, support and after care service with the photos and contact is incredible. Thank you and keep up the hard work!”
Sister of a holidaymaker

“Paul and I want you to know how much we appreciate all you do and to tell you that the effects of Richards time with you stays with him. He seems so relaxed and happy, that in turn makes us happy too! You both do a terrific job and you should know how much Richard benefits from this. Go Provence holidays have such a positive effect – and I must say – a lasting one.”
Parent of a holidaymaker

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