We just came across an email from KartForce, an organisation that provides injured troops with adrenalin packed experiences through karting. They also aim to raise funds to support injured British service personnel and the newsletter we have just received had another request to help one of their soldier’s sons who has been diagnosed with Autism, simply by sending in your old mobile phones to enable them to get an iPad to help with his communication.

The email reads: 

One of our lads has a special request as his 5 year old son has just been diagnosed with Autism. The little fella is an extremely bright lad but struggling at school. His teachers have suggested he gets an iPad with some specialist features that will assist with keeping him focused on his education. He’s been struggling to be understood and some of the software will help him develop his speech and allow him to communicate and express himself better. There’s a scheme that is offering a free iPad in exchange for 190 used mobile phones. If you have any old mobile phones and would like to help this little soldier, please post them to…

“Help A Soldier’s Son”, 43 Barnfield, Iver, SL0 0AL

We all have old mobile phones lying around in the back of drawers that we have forgotten about, so why not put them to goos use and help this little boy?