Superhero Series’ Winter Wonderwheels is returning for its second outing as people of all abilities grab their Santa hats, and Everyday Superheroes cycle, walk, run, push, or anything in between around Dorney’s spectacular lake in the 1km, 5km and 10km challenges where anything goes.

And rejoining the team is Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock, who said he can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit.

“I think every time there’s an event on it’s just so much fun,” he told PosAbility ahead of the event.

“In the winter its too cold to jump in the lake compared to the Summer Superhero Tri so it’s the perfect time for a cycle, or a run or a push or be pushed, there are no rules as to how you get round.

“There are multiple distances and its really open to change as you need or want and it’s a perfect event for everyone to get involved in and for me, obviously being captain of Team npower, I get my little team with me and its just really fun because you see people grow on the day and have fun, enjoy sport, everyone is happy because there’s such a great atmosphere on the day and when you cross the finish line, you really feel that sense of achievement.”

And with the festivities ramping up, he may call in a favour from the big man in red to motivate the lucky winners joining him on Team npower.

“In the Superhero Tri in the summer everyone comes dressed up in capes and things but in the winter you see many Santa Claus’ so it very, very Christmassy and you get that festive element and its really good fun especially for the kids.

“I might use that as extra motivation though, tell them that Santa will bring them an extra present if you run faster so that can maybe get the competitive edge out! I don’t know if that will work, we’ll play it by ear and I’ll ask mum and dad first!” he laughed.

Away from the Superhero Series, it has been a year since the 25-year-old was springing and gliding across the famous BBC dancefloor, but when asked whether he had split loyalties between former partner Oti Mabuse and ParalympicsGB teammate, he couldn’t deny he had been supporting Oti and cricketer Graeme Swann until they left the competition last weekend.

“I’ve got to be honest, I was team Oti and Graeme! I was really sad when they went last week, Lauren is doing fantastically and obviously there is that part of me that hopes that we get a first disabled person in the final, but for me it is about viewing it as equal,” he said.

“I don’t want to look at somebody just as a disabled contestant, I want to look at her as another contestant, which is how I viewed myself. I thought I went at the right time, I was for sure one of the worst dancers in Blackpool and I think they made the right decision! Maybe a week or two extra would have been nice but I think that’s how we should be looking at it!

“But I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Stacey and Kevin too, she’s grown so much! Now if I’m being completely honest, I see her as the winner right now. Lauren has done incredibly, and AJ (Pritchard) has done brilliantly with her and they’ve got great chemistry and they have great public support too. Hopefully we’ll see someone else next year too!”

The Winter Wonderwheels event kicks off on Sunday 2 December at Dorney Lake, Windsor – good luck to all participants!

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