Kintsugi Clothing, an accessible clothing company that has spent this year developing its first line, is on the search for the nation’s favourite disabled icons. 

In a post on its Instagram and Facebook channels, the brand asked followers to nominate women they’d like to see garments named after. 

The post, published on 3 December – the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities, explained the company’s decision to name an item after disabled suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst.

“We have a few ideas for influential women we’d like to name the remaining nine garments after, but we’d like to hear everyone else’s suggestions,” says company founder, Emma McClelland. “There are so many role models within the disabled community, as the Shaw Trust’s Power 100 list demonstrates. As a company, we want to tip our metaphorical hat to some of them with our first collection.” 

The collection, due to launch in January of next year, features garments designed using principles of ‘universal design’ to ensure they can be worn by a range of people, with a focus on women who have a physical impairment. For example, wide leg work trousers with pockets not at the wearer’s hips, but just below the knee, to be more suitable for wheelchair users, while the wide leg design allows for lower leg prosthetics.   

“If you’d like to nominate someone, feel free to share your suggestions on our social media channels,” Emma says. “We’re looking for women – and to be clear this absolutely includes trans women – with body types that aren’t typically celebrated by the media. These women – they are the tribe we are seeking. We’re bored of seeing the same body type all the time. It’s time to change the record!”

To suggest a name, you can find Kintsugi Clothing on Instagram (@Kintsugi_Clothing), Twitter (@kintsugiclothes) and Facebook.

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