jamiebeddardposterThe film currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo is a story of friendship, but also highlights the prejudice and hate crimes which have noticeably been on the rise throughout the UK, especially against the Disabled Community.  The film will also star Jamie Beddard (Quills) currently at the National Theatre in A Threepenny Opera.

Lost Dog is being directed by well-known television and film actor; Andrew Tiernan, whose recent credits include; Jimmy McGovern’s “Common,” “Code of a Killer” and “300: Rise of an Empire.”

In the current climate of fear and apparent austerity in the UK, there are a lot of uncertainties in life, but no one should be scapegoated or attacked for a disability, a class, a race or any reason at all.  This is why the film; Lost Dog needs to be made, to highlight what is happening in society and to try and help change things for the better.

JasonWilliamsonLostDogLogoJason Williamson’s talks about his decision to be involved in the film;

“Tory voters that I’ve come across are always shocked when the reality of what they’ve voted for is placed before them.  I think this is why “Lost Dog” is important to do.  It’s almost like a duty, rather than a decision, to try and do some acting outside of the band I’m in.  The Conservative pigs need outing at every available opportunity and in this climate of right-wing propaganda and a mostly silenced media, films like “Lost Dog” stand out as projects screaming with life, actual life.  I’m really honoured to be included in this film.”

Andrew Tiernan talks about his vision for the film;

“A few weeks after I wrote the script and then sent it out to a few people to gather interest, someone said to me; “I don’t care about disabled people” and that made things definite for me.  We really do need to change society’s attitude towards the disabled and the poor.  A lot of hate exists now, largely stirred up unfairly by the media and the government. I want “Lost Dog” to take influence from films such as; Ken Loach’s “Kes,” Peter Mullan’s “Orphans,” Mike Leigh’s “Meantime” and John Schlesinger’s “Midnight Cowboy.”  It will have a really British feel to it.   Having Jamie and Jason play the lead roles will pair gritty reality with great humour.   Overall the film will have a lot of heart.”

We are seeking a budget of £75,000 for the film for production and post.

“Imagine if 26.3K Sleaford Mods fans gave 3 quid, what a difference we could make together!” Dr Vanessa Crawford on Twitter.

Filming commences September 2016.

The crowd funder ends on Indiegogo on 28 June 2016.

Indiegogo page and further information about the film; Lost Dog can be found here:


Contact: Shona McWilliams, Keeps on Burning Films:   keepsonburningfilms@hotmail.com

Twitter: @sleafordmods @shonajaguar @andytiernan