Winter is coming, and it’s getting colder much faster. Weather reports for the upcoming few weeks are warning us that a cold snap is on its way, and before it starts to freeze over again, it might be time to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to keep yourself warm as December looms over us. Not entirely sure where to start? Here are some products the PosAbility team has found to help fight off the cold this winter.

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Uniqlo Heattech extra warm thermal bodysuit

Uniqlo's thermal products are very warm

Uniqlo | £24.90 | XXS – XXL

You feel warm just looking at this bodysuit. Uniqlo’s patented Heattech clothing keeps your body heat in, keeping you much warmer for longer. Unlike a lot of thermal clothing, it’s nice and thin, meaning you can layer it up with ease without feeling like you’re drowning in 800 layers of winter clothing.

Zippo Reusable Hand Warmer

Keep your hands toasty warm with this Zippo hand warmer

Amazon | £17.99 | Two sizes available

This hand warmer is a favourite of outdoorsy types and comes with that patented Zippo guarantee of quality. There are two models available – one keeps your hands warm for six hours, and the others a massive 12 hours. If you find it difficult to keep heat in your hands, these can be placed in a pocket for whenever you need a little burst of warmth.

Thermos Super Light Travel Tumbler

These thermal flasks will keep drinks warm for up to 10 hours

Lakeland | £21.99 | Range of colours available

These incredibly light flasks from Thermos keep hot drinks warm for up to ten hours, meaning you can make yourself a mug of coffee before heading out for the day and still have a warm drink ready whenever you need it throughout the day. It’s available in a number of styles and colours, but we like the convenience of this one thanks to its tiny weight.

Heat Holders Snuggle Thermal Luxury Fleece Blanket

This blanket is thermal for extra warmth

Heat Holders | £26.99 | Available in a variety of colours

Thermal blankets are perfect if you live in a house that doesn’t hold heat particularly well, or if you find yourself getting cold when you lie on the couch or in bed of an evening. These 1.7 tog thermal blankets are insanely warm, and are also quite large, meaning you and yours can all climb underneath to share the warmth between you.

Aldi Men’s Ski Jacket

Ski and snowboarding jackets are great for keeping warm in the winter

Aldi | £19.99 | M – XL

Ski jackets are the absolute pinnacle of winter jackets, and they thankfully don’t have to cost the Earth. A middle isle special from Aldi, this ski jacket embodies everything that’s great (and warm) about these snowsport essentials: it’s waterproof, windproof, covered in somewhere of the region of 12,000 different pockets, and has a detachable faux-fur hood. Snap these up, because at under £20, they’re going to fly out.

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