Koller is delighted to announce its official sponsorship with the Inova Disability Sports Foundation (IDSF), who support disabled athletes around the world.

IDSF is using Koller’s unique products on specially built seated throw chairs which are used in sports like javelin and shot put. The uniquely designed chair was most recently used by athlete Dave Watson at the Invictus Games where he won bronze and gold in the discus event.

Dave, an Afghanistan Veteran, who lost both legs and one arm, had one ambition and that was to compete for Great Britain in a sporting event. This latest achievement has allowed him to realise his dream.

Accompanying Dave on his trip to the Invictus Games was the specially adapted throwing frame. An important part of the design was the clipping system which was provided by Koller. By adapting the rail and clips to fit the chair, Dave could easily secure himself into the seat. So successful is this system that IDSF has taken to fitting the system as a standard feature on all the throwing frames they build.

Dean Koller, director of Koller said: “Koller has worked for many years to design and manufacture products for the wheelchair accessible vehicle market. To provide products for IDSF to allow disabled athletes to achieve their sporting goals is a great honour.

“We are very pleased to become the sponsor of the IDSF and hope that with the use of the specially designed seated throw chairs, more athletes can become gold medal winners in the future.”

For further information visit www.koller.co.uk and  www.Disabilitysport.eu