Ray Vernon is the director of Mysokoni, a website that connects older and disabled people to products that can help them lead independent lives.

Our life expectancy is increasing, according to the ONS, in 2017 life expectancy for males was 79.2 years and for females it was 82.9 years. Unfortunately, the older we get the greater the likelihood of experiencing multiple chronic and complex health challenges.

One third of households include someone age 65 or over and older adults who live alone are more likely to have multiple long-term and mental health conditions. But how are we helping older people live quality independent lives?

Recently, I had my first experience visiting my mother-in-law in hospital and I found it disturbing (see blog article here). However, while our government lags behind in catering for the needs of older people, inventors and people with imagination, creativity and ingenuity are creating products that help older and disabled people live quality independent lives.

The Good News

The number of independent living products coming to market each month is incredible. From mobility products, adaptive clothing, kitchen aids, bathroom aids, electronic aids and more, older people now have more choice than ever before. The challenge is knowing that they exist and where to find them.


I spoke with many people at Naidex 2018 (the largest independent living exhibition in the UK) and the number one reason that brought them there, was to see new products.

Mysokoni is a place where older and disabled people will find independent living products that will help them live better lives. Only authorised product vendors who are vetted can place products on the site and must agree to provide a high level of customer service. New products are added every week so head over to mysokoni.co.uk to take a look.

If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0333 370 1607 or email info@mysokoni.co.uk.