The importance of a good night’s sleep should never be underestimated. Our bodies need sleep to recharge and recuperate, and ensuring you are well rested can have a huge impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

It is therefore very important to ensure you have a safe and comfortable bed that not only supports you in your time of rest, but that also supports your independence in getting in and out of bed.

There are a vast range of different adjustable beds on the market today and Laybrook are just one of the companies that specialise in adjustable beds. They offer a wealth of experience in this marketplace, and are able to advise you expertly on your current and future needs.

They know how important it is for people to safely remain in their home environment for as long as they can, to retain their independence and comfort for both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Laybrook can help to ensure individuals feel safe, comfortable and independent in their bedrooms for as long as they wish to stay at home.

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Height-adjustable beds are an excellent option for anyone who is struggling to safely get in or out of bed.

One of the beds they offer is the Durham Ultra Low hi-low bed with slide back. This profiling bed is designed to assist individual’s rise to a standing position, ideal for a smaller person, you get comfort and it looks fantastic. This bed comes with a slide back mechanism as well to keep you closer to your bedside cabinet.

Laybrook bed

The Durham is designed to work just like a riser recliner chair, by sitting on the edge of the bed and using the variable height adjustment feature, it will rise to a more comfortable height that will allow users to stand more easily and independently.

This bed comes with a full 5-year guarantee, and if you are not happy with it after seven days Laybrook offer a full refund or a mattress exchange.


  • Available in 3ft & 4ft – Special orders can be made to any height or length (restrictions do apply).
  • Profiling back angle 80-85 degrees (standard mechanism)
  • Profiling knee break angle 75 degrees with a height of 10 inches (standard mechanism)

Bed Height Breakdown

  • Standard size for the Low Low Bed is 18 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress but this bed can start at any higher height on request for £75.
  • Purchasing any Sprung Mattress (Pocket or Superior) will increase the overall bed height by 1 inch.
  • To make sure the height of your bed is correct when ordering, please measure your own first. Beds can be altered to a height of your choice, and all for an extra £75 (restrictions apply)

Bed Length

The length of the bed is 6ft 9″.

If you change the specification of the bed it will be a special order (non stock item) and will take up to 1 week longer to make and deliver.

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