tigo-506-in-useMedicotech Ltd is the UK sole distributor of the Thera-Trainers Active/Passive Therapy Exercise Equipment, the BALANCE-Trainer and the E-go Gait Trainer, an innovative and well established range of German made products.

The THERA-Trainers are developed, tested and approved for the treatment of neurological and neuro-muscular disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury and many muscle disorders. Thera-Trainers are also highly successfully used for orthopaedic, rheumatic, cardiological, pulmonary and dialysis patients.

The BALANCE-Trainer offers dynamic and static standing in one device. It offers a unique balance training allowing active exercises for patients with many different conditions. The BALANCE-Trainer offers patients with partially or entirely limited standing the ability to stand safely while using the device dynamically.

By taking advantage of having a free demonstration at home you get the chance to try before you buy. Having a bike at home gives you chance to exercise every day of the year, no matter what the weather, and over the weeks and months you will see the benefits and improvement in your condition.

As we all know the benefits of regular exercise, there is nothing easier than sitting in the comfort of your own home and having some active or passive cycling. For anyone with limited mobility or a disability it is vital to continue to use muscles to keep them strong and able to support your weight when walking. Mobility is maintained and improved by regular cycling and we at Medicotech are proud of the quality of our equipment and the difference it makes to people’s lives.

Medicotech is a specialist company with the owners having many years of both personal and professional experience of the disability and therapy market. As we are the UK sole distributors of this range of products we are best placed to offer a competitive price and excellent customer service. For more information on Medicotech products please visit www.medicotech.co.uk.