_68798428_109181237A campaign to help people with disabilities get into the workplace has been launched by the UK government. ┬áMinisters want firms to change their recruitment policies after government research showed employers’ attitudes were a barrier to disabled people.

Ministers say national attitudes are changing after the success of last summer’s Paralympic Games in London.

An advertising campaign for the initiative has been unveiled in London at a disability employment conference.

It will ask employers to recognise the talents that disabled people have to offer, and “challenge some of the preconceptions”.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “This isn’t just about doing what is right for disabled people. Employing disabled people makes business sense too.

“We need to break the myth about the complexities of employing disabled people, or to put it more simply – to give employers confidence.”

There are nearly seven million disabled people of working age in the UK, and their employment rates have increased slightly over the past decade, from 42.2% in 2002 to 46.3% in 2012.

Last year, the government announced that 27 Remploy factories, which provide employment opportunities for disabled people, were to close.

The closures followed recommendations by an independent review into the way the government spent its disability employment budget.

It recommended that the government should divert funding to support individuals, rather than subsidising factory businesses.