A gif of a person stepping in and out of Nike's new GO FlyEase trainers. They step into the hinged trainers, which flatten to their foot, then step out by using their opposite foot to push down on the back of the shoe.

Nike has announced the release of their new GO FlyEase trainer, which sports accessible hands-free technology.

Originally envisioned by the company’s designers to better support disabled athletes, the easy-on, easy-off trainers don’t have laces, velcro, or any kind of straps – you can take them on and off without bending down thanks to the new “tensioner” technology. It’s a strap that goes around the outer edge of the entire trainer, allowing the heel to hinge downward. The wearer’s foot can be easily slipped in and out by pressing down on the heel with their other foot, opening up the entire back end of the trainer.

Tim Hopkins, principle innovation engineer at Nike, explained the thought process behind the creation of the GO FlyEase trainers: “If you could design a hands-free shoe, how would you do it? So I started thinking, how do you get in and out of a shoe today without your hands, and you do that by taking one foot, putting it behind the heel of the other, and then yanking that foot out. To get back in, you slide your toes in, and then you jam your foot in the rest of the way by crushing the heel counter.

“And I started to realise, that maybe what we should do is just design a shoe for that behaviour.”

Nike’s FlyEase range marks their commitment to making accessible shoes with a design ethos that ensures all shoes in the line are designed with three things in mind: they’re easy to open and close, easy to put on and take off, and accommodate different foot shapes.

Bebe Vio, Paralympic gold medal-winning fencer, said: “Usually I spend so much time to get in my shoes. With the Nike GO FlyEase, I just need to put my feet in and jump on it. The shoes are a new kind of technology, not only for adaptive athletes but for everyone’s real life.”

The GO FlyEase will be available in three colourways and are currently available to consumers via invite for selected Nike Members. The company plans a wider launch of the shoes later this year.

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