By Victoria Abbott-Fleming

On the face of it, asking someone to donate the price of a coffee and muffin towards a charitable cause is not implausible. However, with so many causes vying for people’s attention and donations, convincing someone to contribute to your cause becomes a tough task. People generally do not like being approached on the street and asked to donate to charity, especially when they’re on the clock or have vital business which needs attending.

This infographic from Burning Nights, a fully registered CRPS awareness charity in the UK, contains some useful pointers on organizing a successful fundraiser. The success of a fundraiser often comes down to how strategically it is executed and how convincingly you can communicate the worthiness of your cause to the public. You want to be assertive enough to grab their attention without being overbearing or forceful. Oh, and a consistent smile goes a long way to persuading the public to donate.

Fundraising shouldn’t all be about stopping people on the street, though. In fact, the best way to attract a swarm of donations is to find an activity that your fundraising personnel will enjoy – better still, try to find one in which others can get involved, too. Enjoyable activities such as fund runs, race nights, bingo nights and charity sporting events make fundraising a fun pursuit, instead of trying to suppress your guilt in approaching people at random.

Finally, interpersonal skills are crucial to a good fundraiser. You’ll need to maintain a positive attitude throughout and highlight the goodness that people’s donations can do, instead of emphasizing the regrettable situations that the donations intend to eliminate. It helps, too, to know about the fundraising cause and be up-front with people about the campaign’s progress. If claims can be supported by practical evidence, people will see that your fundraising efforts have consequences and are more likely to contribute.

In summary: know what you’re about, respect people’s wishes to donate or refuse and find a fun way to . Oh, and smile!