IMG_2926Staff at Hft, a national charity for people with learning disabilities, have been celebrating Nigel Doggett’s success in the gruelling Marathons des Sables. Nigel, a Trustee of Hft, whose brother, Nick, is supported by the charity, finished in 255th place and has raised over £130,000 for Hft’s Personalised Technology Programme.

The Marathon des Sables involves running six marathons over six days in the Sahara desert. Over 1000 runners took part in this year’s event running in temperatures of 45 degrees. Nigel burnt over 3000 calories during the event carrying his own provisions, sleeping gear, medical supplies and essentials for the week over a distance of 251km (156 miles). Over the six days he took in 15000 calories of dried food.  On the longest day he took 15.5 hours to cover the 84km and drank 15 litres of water.


Nigel said: “It was a truly amazing experience that I will never forget. The long day of 84km was gruelling but as the night fell it was incredible running alone through the desert under the stars. After that the final day’s marathon was relatively easy and most of the week’s food had gone so my pack was only about 6kg which helped!  I’m thrilled with the 255th placing which was way ahead of expectations, but I just seemed to find more strength as the week went on.” 

IMG_2927Hft is a recognised leader in using personalised technology (also known as assistive technology) to support people with learning disabilities live more independently and safely.

Hft currently supports more than 2,500 people with learning disabilities across the country.  Locally, the charity supports more than 100 people in Oxfordshire.  This includes supporting people with learning disabilities to live independently in their own homes, providing employment services to help people develop skills and experience for work and helping people to pursue hobbies, make new friends and get involved in their local communities.

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