There is no denying that parenting can be tough, especially if your child has a disability. At this time of year we now reflecting on what we have achieved throughout the year and resolve to make changes to take with us into the new year. Instead of usual individual new year resolutions we have here some helpful parenting new year resolutions to think about when raising a child with a disability.

I resolve not not compare my child to other.

I resolve to try harder to encourage my child’s independence. It’s hard when you’re so used to feeding, dressing, bathing and doing all sorts of things for a kid with physical challenges, but try not to give in every time.
I resolve to quit putting myself last and pay more attention to me, which will make me a better mother and my roots less apparent, too.

I resolve to be less bothered by the stares. Must get a t-shirt that says, “I assume you’re staring because he’s so cute.”

I also resolve to keep on educating and enlightening people about my child. Sometimes, people stare because they can’t see the child behind the disability

I resolve to keep coaxing my child past his boundaries. Trying new places and experiences, seeing beyond the initial challenges.

I resolve to spend more time helping my child practice therapist recommended tasks.

I resolve to try harder to help my child understand that the world doesn’t revolve around him, even though he requires a lot of attention.

I resolve to give my child more chores, ones he can successfully complete. Way to teach responsibility, encourage confidence…and get more dusting done.

And most importantly, I resolve to think less about the future. Not worrying about what the future will bring for my child, and being the best parent I can be day by day.