IMG_9357Immerse Me in collaboration with digital arts company seeper and Linkage Community Trust have launch the ImmersionBox, a portable sensory room in a box, at The Autism Show in London last week.

Designed for eight to 25 year olds with learning disabilities, the ImmersionBox features a feast of technology including a multi-touch user interface, projector, speakers and motion capture cameras to create rich, varied and highly personalised sensory experiences.

Ideal for SEN schools, mainstream schools teaching children with learning difficulties and private households, the ImmersionBox’s portability means it can be used in any room of any size – and transported between buildings – negating the need for a dedicated sensory space.

IMG_9331“The calming and positive impact of a sensory room on children with autism is well documented. Until now schools have been required to dedicate a permanent space to set up such a room. However, 70 per cent of children with autism attend mainstream schools, which may not have access to the technology, space or funds to create a dedicated room for what is perhaps a tiny percentage of children in their care. The ImmersionBox’s portability, high-end technology and affordability make it a very real option in these instances,” explained Christian Curtis, Immerse Me.

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