We often hear from parents and parents-to-be in search of solutions for pushing a pram when using a wheelchair. In 2020, this is something you would assume would be readily available to disabled parents. Sadly, the search for these solutions is an ongoing struggle.

However, luckily for new parents, Luke and Yasmin Hamill, they were put in touch with Matt James, director of Precision Rehab, whose expertise and innovative mind created a solution that has allowed them to enjoy pushing a pram just like any new parent.

Luke and Yasmin are both wheelchair users as a result of spinal cord injuries and when they embarked on starting a family, they knew they would have to find other ways of doing certain things. One of which was how would they be able to push a pram from their wheelchair, as Luke explains:

“Bobby was born in June; however, our problem was that from the end of March when we thought we would be buying and researching various items, pretty much everywhere was shut so this became something of a challenge. This was especially the case when it came to looking for a way of connecting the pram to our wheelchairs when we went out of the house and as far as we could tell there was nothing available which I found very hard to believe in this day and age.”

Luke discussed this with his friend Patrick who said he knew Matt at Precision Rehab and thought he might be able to help. “Being introduced to Matt was fantastic, we met up, I explained what we were looking for and he went away promising to come back with a solution – and he did not let us down.”

“Once we had sat down with Luke and Yasmin and discussed their requirements, I knew that as the preferred supplier in the disability sector for Ram Mount UK we would be able to offer a solution by combining several items from the Ram Mount range. I visited in late May to test my initial idea in theory, we then ordered the parts I thought would work best and visited again in July to test it and was delighted to see how well it worked and how easy Luke and Yasmin found it to use. Luke bought the solution there and then and we have already received requests from other mums-to-be who are also manual wheelchair users,” explained Matt.


The final version consists of a medium Tough-Claw HD Mount with 18″ Pole, a heavy duty medium Tough-Claw™ with 1.5″ diameter solid rubber ball and a single socket Arm 1.5″ ball with 0.5″ NPT thread and metal knob, all of which were sourced from Ram Mount and then slightly tweaked where necessary. One end connects under Luke or Yasmin’s wheelchair with the other end connecting to Bobby’s pram while a tether also connects them to the pram as a safety back-up.

“Here at Precision Rehab we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure every client receives the powerchair and adaptations they need to ensure they can be as independent as possible and we wish Luke, Yasmin and Bobby all the best for the future,” concluded Matt.

Thanks to Matt’s ingenious adaptation, the family can now enjoy days in the park or trips to the shops and to see family and friends without worrying about pushing Bobby in his pram – especially when they encounter any inclines.

Luke was overjoyed with the solution and the service: “We cannot thank Matt enough for all his hard work in resolving what was a real concern to us as a family. As soon as we met Matt, he installed a feeling of confidence, he knew how worried we were but put our minds at rest and came up with a great solution which I am sure many other families could benefit from. I would urge anyone in a similar situation to us to give Matt a call today.”

For more information on the full range of powerchairs and adaptations available from Precision Rehab call 01256 300111, email info@precisionrehab.co.uk or visit precisionrehab.co.uk.

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