p423fY-TJyJcV0V_wAFYSgwCNQSkcm8CryWw9B7pL2o,i4VD6qXwxHdmbDdZG2IvFLgSDkG4i-TvOs6m3tinxPE,WyheJmw6USDqbeieHSIPpccw5SyzrnwELrlprrgT_2UQueen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) recently held a Wild West themed fun day for people with disabilities that use its services, and their families. Also invited along were QEF’s volunteers, and care staff as a big thank you for all their hard work and dedication.

The QEF Wild West Fun Day was supported by ExxonMobil and 26 staff from the company’s Leatherhead office came to help everyone enjoy the day, running stalls and amusements and helping out with everything from car parking to face painting.

There was plenty of dressing up and participation, with cowboys and cowgirls taking part in a variety of games and activities, including trying to tame a bucking bronco, target practice with cork pop-guns, panning for gold and lassoing cacti. Singing cowboys Luke and Floyd got people in the mood and a line-dancing caller got everyone, including wheelchair users from QEF’s Independent Living Services centre, involved in some elaborate dancing fun.

Sophie Foale, community affairs adviser at ExxonMobil said: “When we were first asked to help with this event we were absolutely delighted on two counts. Firstly, and most importantly having supported QEF for 24 years we wanted them to have a fantastic day. And secondly, it was a great way for our folks to get out of the office to use their energy to make a positive impact in the community where we live and work.”

QEF directors including CEO Jonathan Powell were also rounded up by a posse and put in the stocks for a soaking with wet sponges thrown enthusiastically by colleagues, service users and volunteers! He said: “Despite being on the receiving end of a drenching, which was all in good fun, I had a great time and I think I can safely say that everyone else did too. This Wild West day was intended to celebrate all of the hard work and support that QEF receives throughout the year and my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our supporters, and in particular the volunteers from ExxonMobil who did so much to contribute to this day’s success.”