A new radio station made by people with learning disabilities has started broadcasting in Greater Manchester.  The station is a venture started by Salford-based charity The Heroes Project which works with people who have learning disabilities.  LDOK.net, which broadcasts from Salford Quays, is an online station which is on the air seven days a week.  The charity said it hoped the station will give radio experience to people with learning disabilities.

‘Uniquely personal’

Tony Snowdon, founder of The Heroes Project, which began in 1998, said: “The learning disabled community hasn’t had a bespoke broadcast stage like this before.

“We are aiming to present inclusive radio that is attractive to all listeners whilst being uniquely personal, representative and supportive of the learning disabled community and its members.”

He added: “It’s a chance and opportunity for people who might not normally get a chance and opportunity to experience radio.”

Presenter Phil Edwards added: “Just because you’ve got a disability doesn’t mean you can’t do things.”

The station is launching initially as a music station with a limited number of newsbreaks, interviews, special features and bespoke broadcasts but the charity hopes that over time the schedule will become more complex, with added commentaries, vox pops, reviews and other features.